Tourist Guides

Tourism has been an important part of Oban's economy for many decades.

Tourist Guides were produced from early on.
It would be fun to see how many we can find.
Ebay is a great place to find references, even if no one has the funds to buy them.

Ward Lock
Ward Lock & Co produced illustrated travel guides, starting around 1900 to 1910, with Oban being an early topic, as the 4th edition was produced in 1907/8

The Red books became familiar and popular references to the various tourist parts of the country.
They became famous for the "coat of arms" design on the cover and were nicknamed the "shilling" guides with the 1/- net price at the top of the spine,
They were full of contemporary photographs, used bv local and national companies to place advertisements and also included fold-out maps.

The Oban area was included in one which also covered Oban, Fort William, the Caledonian Canal, Iona, Staffa and the Western Highlands of Scotland.

Tourist Board
Over the years the various Tourist Boards and organisations have produced booklets and guides.
How many can we find?

There are a number of trip and tours booklets and leaflets around with Oban as the stepping off point or destination.

As the railway became more important then there were numerous guides on how to get here by train from all parts of the country.

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