St Columba's Church

St Columba's Church predates the St Columba's Cathedral

Hand Written receipt for the 2 Quarters Salary for the Organist, St Columba Church
dated 20 December 1907
I think it says -
Oban 21st December 1907
received from the Trustees and manager of the Columba Parish Church, per Mrs D MacGregor, Treasurer, the sum of Twelve pounds, ten shillings Sterling, being salary due to me as organist of said Church for the Quarter ending 30th December 1907

but I cannot make out the signature yet.1

receipt for what looks like the costs of the Presbytery clerk, and printing and postage.
of The kirk-Session of St Columba, Presbytery of Lorn
The Rev Alexander Duff
dated 5th December 1901
and a total of One pound, three shillings and six.

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