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Airds Crescent
Ardconnel Terrace
Argyll Square


Argyllshire Gathering

North of Scotland Bank
British Linen Bank
Commercial Bank of Scotland
City of Glasgow Bank


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Argyll Square To Gallanach
Argyll Square
Campbell Street
Shore Street
Albany Street
High Street
Creag an Airm
Glenshellach Terrace
Druim a' Mhargaidh
Drimvargie Road
Drimvargie Mews
Cawdor Place
Cawdor Terrace

Argyll Square To Glencruitten Church
Argyll Square
Airds Crescent
Stevensons Street
Back Combie Street
Star Brae
Combie Street
Market Street
Glencruitten Road
Combie Lane
Soroba Road

Argyll Square To Tweedmill
Argyll Square
Combie Street
Gibraltar Street
Combie Lane
Market Street
Soroba Road
Livestock Auction Market
Glencruitten Church
Oban High School
Breadalbane Street
Breadalbane Place
Battery Hill
McCaigs Tower

Corran Halls To Ganavan
Corran Esplanade
Corran Brae
Bayview Road
Lismore Crescent
Castle Road
Laggan Road
Lorn Avenue
Iona Drive
Cruachan Crescent
Kerrera Terrace
Ganavan Road

Dunolliebeg To George Street
Bealach an Righ
Dunollie Road
Rowan Road
Croft Road
Longistan Road
Dalriach Road
Benvoulin Road
Longsdale Road
Croft Ave
Breadalbane Street
Breadlabane Mews
Burnbank Terrace

East Of McCaigs Tower
Duncraggan Road
Benvoulin road
Benvoulin Lane
Laurel Road
Laurel Crescent
Longsdale Road
Branksome Park
Hazeldean Crescent
Longsdale Terrace
Longsdale Crescent

George Street To Argyll Square
George Street
Alexandria Place
Corran Esplanade
John Street
Craigard Road
Claremont Road
Charles Street
Stafford Street
Argyll Street
Queen's Park Place
Station Road
MacGregor Court

Sinclair Drive
Miller Road
Campbell Crescent
Nelson Road
Lorne Terrace
Lynn Road
Soroba Park Terrace
McCalls Terrace
Millpark Road
Millpark Avenue
Burnside Place
Millpark Place
Lynn Gardens
Drummore Road
modern :-
Soroba housing estates


church and religion
Churches of Oban
Oban Parish Church
St Columbas Church / Cathedral
Esplanade Church
Church of Scotland
Scottish Episcopalian Church
St Johns Cathedral
Congregational Church
Church of Scotland

County Hospital
Oban Maternity Hospital



Glencampa Hotel
There is a postcard for sale on Ebay at the moment of Glencampa Hotel Where was this? a quick google & I found this from The building was built as the home…
Glencruitten Church
Oban Parish Church, Glencruitten Road Website
Glencruitten Road
Glencruitten Church A. Douglas, Coronation Laundry Glencrutten Road, Oban receipt dated 26 December 1908 from item sold on Ebay to Mr McColl, George Hotel for laundry work cost of 1 shilling - 2…
Old Farms McKelvie Hospital Modern Housing estates View Larger Map
How To Edit Pages - Quickstart
please join in with adding information to this site first you need to become a wikidot member and the site then you can edit to your hearts content adding things you know and correcting any errors…
How To Join This Project
Who can join? Anyone who is interested in the history of Oban, the coastal town of North Argyll, is welcome. Join! Joining is easy, just fill in the form below to request the password. clicking…
Important Events
World War One World War Two
Important People
Dr McKelvie John Stuart McCaig
James Anderson
from THE MODERN SCOTTISH MINSTREL; BY CHARLES ROGERS, LL.D. F.S.A. SCOT. VOL. V. which catalogues William Anderson, an accomplished biographical and genealogical writer, and author of "Landscape…
James McGregor
James McGregor, Grocer, Oban from hand written bill on sale on Ebay Oct 1875 * No address given, where did he trade?
John Stuart Mccaig
John Stuart McCaig (sometimes styled as John Stuart McCaig of Muckairn and Soroba) mini biography1 second son of Malcom [sic] McCaig (a farmer) and Margaret Stewart (6 June 1796-2 August…
Kilmore and Kilbride Cemetary
Internment in The Kilmore and Kilbride Cemetery was 7 shillings in 1897 from a receipt for the internment of Rev James Forbes Buchanan dated 18th December 1897 (receipt number 170 but cannot read…
Law And Order
Police Courts
If your family tree leads you to the beautiful island of Lismore, then you are in luck. There is a thriving interest in the heritage and genealogy of the island - and they even have their own…
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Livestock Auction Market
West Highland Auction Mart Thomas Corson, Auctioneer 1904 Bill Head from item for sale on Ebay More of a note than a bill head, but canot make out the writing signed by Thomas Corson, dated 9 June…
Local History Links
Lorn Family History Group lornfamilyhistory AT Oban War and Peace Museum Lorn Archaeological and Historical Society Ardchattan Parish Archive Appin Historical Society Argyll Genealogical…
Lochside Street Lochavullin Drive Lochavullin Road Mill Lane Crannog Lane Torran Gorm View Larger Map
Lorn Combination Poorhouse The Lorn Combination was created in 1862 and initially comprised the 10 parishes of Ardchattan and Muckairn, Glenelg, Glenorchy and…
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Maternity Hospital
Oban Maternity Hospital 13 Dalraich Road formerly Gleneuchar House = pre 1954, also called Kimberly House at times in its past. gifted to population of Oban - (heresay) Hospital Closed in 1995…
McCaigs Tower
Information from Wikipedia - all sources there. McCaig's Tower is a prominent folly on the hillside (called Battery Hill) overlooking Oban in Argyll, Scotland. It is built of Bonawe granite taken…
McKelvie Hospital
McKelvie Isolation Hospital Opened : 1897 - given by Dr McKelvie following serious outbreak of infectious disease, where local resources were found wanting. Closed : 31/03/1995 Obituary for Dr…
Here is a place to jot down any memories of living, working, visiting in Oban in the past. Its best to make your own page using the box below to give it a name : this can be the name of the person…
New Forum Thread
Oban Telegraph Oban Express
North of Scotland Bank Ltd
This Bank was active in the 1890's1 When did the bank establish its Branch in Oban? Notably connected with John Stuart McCaig, who ran the bank from ???? to ???? and was the philanthropist who was…
Oban Express
Oban Express
Oban Harbour and Waterfront
Oban - 'An Ob' (little bay in Gaelic) as a town grew up around its waterfront. Reproductions of old engravings dating from early 1800s Esplanade Inner Harbour Cardingmill Bay Sound of Kerrera
Oban Telegraph
from receipt for sale on Ebay from The Publisher of Oban Telegraph, George Street, Oban dated 27 March 1885 I cannot see all the details on the scan of this receipt for advertising but it looks…
Oban Womens Suffrage Society
notes on Oban Women's Suffrage Society from research The women's suffrage movement: a reference guide, 1866-1928 By Elizabeth Crawford These are the references from this book previewed in Google…
Old Oban Family History Queries
Please feel free to ask questions here about ancestors or places you are looking for. Do not use personal information about living people, nor put any email addresses, mail addresses or telephone…
other wikis
interesting wikis to look at for ideas and ways to do…
Other Wiki Sites To Emulate
These are some other wikidot sites who have ideas we may want to use, or features we want to avoid. Another wiki with a similar idea of collecting history of an area Lewisham Voices Postcards of…
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1886 - Charles McIntyre, Inspector of Police1 Footnotes 1.
Because tourism has been so important to the area for so long, we are extremely fortunate that there are an immense number of postcards of all facets of the places and people of Oban. These are…
Caves in Oban show activity
Queens Hotel
[The Queens Hotel website] originally built for 1st Episcopalian Bishop of Argyll and the Islands as his home. Then a church retreat. Then a temperance hotel called The The Glen Campa hotel before…
Random Topics and homeless notes
suffragettes Newspapers fishing war memorial Transatlantic Telephone cable church and religion Tourist Guides resources to follow up Banks
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Resources To Follow Up
If you fid something potentially interesting about Oban, but have no time to follow it up, add notes of references here. Whoever does follow it up - add a note to that effect…
Royal Bank of Scotland
When did the Royal Bank of Scotland come to Oban? have an image of a receipt to the Appin Trustees from 1893 from Ebay signed by David Bain
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Please join in to contribute information and images. home page All pages Places Dates Your Memories Trade and Industry Law and Order Important events Important people contributors any other notes…
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Soroba Road
Sinclair Drive Miller Road Campbell Crescent Nelson Road Lorne Terrace Lynn Road Soroba Park Terrace McCalls Terrace Millpark Road Millpark Avenue Burnside Place Millpark Place Lynn…
St Columba's Church
St Columba's Church predates the St Columba's Cathedral Hand Written receipt for the 2 Quarters Salary for the Organist, St Columba Church dated 20 December 1907 I think it says - Oban 21st…
Stevenson Street
Kenneth MacRae, Surveyor 9 Stevenson Street, Oban dated December 1892, receipted 7th January 1893 something about a Bridge, I think, and it might be Kinlochbeg? and maybe to The Appin Trustees -…
St Johns Cathedral
Ardconnel Terrace, Oban, PA34 5DJ 01631 562323‎
Were there any women in YOUR family involved in gaining suffrage for the women of Argyll? The WEA Scotland are researching the Suffragette movement in the Highlands, and are looking for any…
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Tourist Guides
Tourism has been an important part of Oban's economy for many decades. Tourist Guides were produced from early on. It would be fun to see how many we can find. Ebay is a great place to find…
Trade And Industry
Fishing Farming Tourism Tobacco Whisky Retail Trades The Sea The Land The Air
Plasterers George Riach, Oban 18861 Draper Dugald MacLellan, Oban, 18892 Slater and Cement ___ D. M'G Jamieson, Oban, 19113 Bakers and Confectioners A & M Carmichael4 Footnotes 1….
Transatlantic Telephone Cable The first transatlantic telephone cable to cross the ocean connected Gallanach and Newfoundland and was inaugurated in September 25th…
Tweedale Street To McCaigs Folly
Ardconnel Terrace Duncragggan Road Rockfield Road Taylors Brae Buchanan Terrace Hill Street Stevenson Street McCaigs Folly St Johns Cathedral Jacobs Ladder View Larger Map
Up Glencruitten
Combie Lane Glencruitten Road Sinclair Drive Quarry Road Miller Road Mossfield Drive Mossfield Avenue Glencruitten Drive Angus Terrace Polvinister Road Polvinister Gardens View Larger Map
War memorial
Oban War Memorial 1914 -1918 this site has started collecting information about the…
Welcome to Old Oban
Old Oban History : a collaborative project for all The aim of this site To provide somewhere to collect, and share, historical information, and images, about the town of Oban, Argyll on the West…
West Highland Bakery
Hugh Kennedy West Highland Bakeries No address given Oban,and Kinlochleven from receipt and Bill Head dated 1918 item for sale on Ebay high class family baker and confectionner *
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