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The women's suffrage movement: a reference guide, 1866-1928 By Elizabeth Crawford

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Oban Committee of the Edinburgh Society for Women's Suffrage
Formed in 1871 as a result of lecture tour there by Jane Taylour and Agnes McLaren.
The Oban Society associated itself with the new Central Committee of the National Society for Women's Suffrage in 1872.
By 1913 the society had been revived by an organizer working for the Glasgow and West of Scotland Association of Women's Suffrage and was a member of the Scottish Federation of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies.
Secretary (1913) was Miss Busby, at Dungallan House, Oban, Argyll

Queen's Club, Edinburgh, 7 Frederick Street, founded in 1897, residential for visits.
Members included : Mrs FLorence MacAlister, vice-president of the Oban Suffrage Society (NUWSS)

Miss Watson was recruited as an Organiser for the Glasgow and West of Scotland Association in May 1912. She was already a NUWSS organiser.
She spent 5 weeks of the summer resuscitating societies at Oban and Gourock.

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"in September 1871 she (unknown) accompanied Jane Taylour on a suffrage speaking tour of the Highlands, form Oban to Orkney.

Glasgow (Scottish) Women's Suffrage Movement, 1902-1933
Notes: Minutes and other papers of the Glasgow & West of Scotland Association for Women's Suffrage, whose records are an important source and starting point of research for the movement in Scotland as a whole.
Introduction by Elspeth King, Keeper of Local History.
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