Oban War And Peace Museum

Oban War and Peace Museum, Esplanade, Oban

This is the most remarkable and unique opportunity to get to know Oban and its history.
Not only is it crammed full of extra-ordinary artifacts but it is manned (and womanned) by the people of the town who have lived through all the high days and low days of the past century.
These volunteers are a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience that it is rare to meet, and delight in sharing their memories with all visitors, from the casual to the researcher.

The history they are exhibiting is now FAR more than just what happened in Oban during the war, and THAT was significant enough.
There is plenty more on prehistoric finds, the development of the town, transport of all kinds, and most of all, the people who have lived here.

oh, and its FREE !!

If you live in town and have not visited in recent times - GO - you will be surprised at what you find.
If you are visiting, or thinking of visiting Oban, then the Museum is an absolute Must.

Their website is here, we look forward to the days when it has even more information and pictures to share, or maybe they will join in here and add contributions from their archive so we can inspire more, much needed, volunteers to help them and the ever welcome visitors to visit and learn first hand for themselves.

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