Oban Dates

1715 - abt - first known house of any consequence built, by a trading company of REnfrew, it was used as a store room, Oban being considered a convenient location for trade
1764 - the custom house erected - Oban reckoned a proper place for clearing out vessels for the herring fishery, which led to it being a centre for the herring busses to meet up.
1767 - town had a post office and a customs house
1778 - building the village really started, first on Duke of Argyll land, and then on Campbell of Dunstaffnage land.
1778 - Stevensons arrived in Oban. as plain tradesmen. Looked upon as founders, elder brother started the business of Ship-building, first in the area, and the younger involved in housebuilding.
1782 - weather notably wet and cold; meal price rose to 26s per boll; had to be supplied by government and the richer members of the community to the poor to prevent starvation.
1791 - population was 586
1800 - town was a registered port
1811 - became burgh of barony by royal charter, granted in favour of George William, Duke of Argyll
1818 - town council and magistrates elected
1821 - population was 1,359
1830 - National Bank of Scotland
1832 - parliamentary burgh with a provost, magistrates, and councillors created by Scottish Burgh Reform Act of 1832
1840 - 64 electors registered
1841 - population was 1,480
savings bank set up ? which one?
1845 - Statistical Account - 13 fishing vessels
1851 - population at the census was 1,742
1855 - 70 electors registered
1857 - Wilson described the principal imports into Oban as 'miscellaneous goods from Glasgow and Liverpool', while the main exports leaving Oban were 'pig-iron, whisky, wool, fish, kelp, and Easdale slates'. These mostly came from the hinterland, Oban producing whisky, silk and straw hats itself.
1861 - population at the census was 1940
1881 - population at the census was 3,986
1891 - An Comunn Gàidhealac founded in Oban
1892 - Am Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail (The Royal National Mod) first held12

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