Lismore Heritage Centre

Lismore Heritage Centre is a 'must do' visit for anyone interested in our local history.

They have put together some amazing work already and continue to grow and source more inspiration.
Their Homecoming event 2009 was very successful and well deserved for all the hard work they put in.

  • Lismore Faces Project
  • Lismore Post offices
  • They now have a genealogist who has done a lot of work already, and more is being published all the time.
  • the Curating in the Community project is discovering more and more fascinating items of interest around the island
  • Flax spinning
  • Graveyards - and care of their unusual Stones
  • Publishing books and CD's

The Centre has a cafe as well Lismore cafe Opening Times

Getting there : -

  • ferry from Port Appin - : foot passengers only - timetable
  • other transport - lismore local info
    • you can get bikes from Port Appin, but book them in advance, otherwise you can find no-one there.
    • you can get bikes on Lismore but only in holiday time so phone to check
    • the Centre is about 4 miles ?? from the north pier
  • ferry from Oban - car or foot
  • community Minibus
  • private taxi
  • mostly you get about on foot, its a wonderful place to explore
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