John Stuart Mccaig

John Stuart McCaig (sometimes styled as John Stuart McCaig of Muckairn and Soroba)

mini biography1

  • second son of Malcom [sic] McCaig (a farmer) and Margaret Stewart (6 June 1796-2 August 1865)
  • born at Clachan, Isle of Lismore, Argyll, Scotland on 11 July 1823
  • baptised at St Moluag's Cathedral, Lismore.
  • He is recorded in various census and documents as
    • being a draper's assistant(1851 Census);
    • Inspector of Poor(1861 Census);
    • Merchant(1871 Census);
    • Banker(1881 English Census and 1891 Scottish Census; Death Certificate)
    • Gas-Works[5] Director.(1901 Census)
    • He owned the North Pier in Oban and was forced to sell/rent it to the newly formed Harbour Authority in 1895.

He had 8 siblings, none are known to have married

His Will

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