Gallanach Shipyard

The Shipyard at Gallanach

  • Port na Cuilc Cuilc means reeds or rush in Gaelic
  • where Puffin Dive are now : - grid reference NM831 277
  • shipyard was established around the turn of the 1900's, its not on the 1898 map.
  • built on land owned by the Gallanach MacDougalls.
  • Names of owners
    • 1921 Burrows
    • Macdougall
    • Helmsley
  • Destroyed by Fire 9th February 1921 - see Oban Times report below
images from private collection information thanks to Oban War and Peace Museum
burrows_shipyard Oban Burrows shipyard, destroyed by fire 9th Feb 1921 The tower is possibly from the steam boiler. Water had to be carried from the wells and burns in the hills around as there was none on site. Vast amounts of steam were necessary to work the timber for repairing and making new boats. Who is the figure in the picture?
burrows_shipyard_boat Oban Burrows shipyard, destroyed by fire 9th Feb 1921, remains of motor boat
  • During WW2 the boatyard was used for repairing the Gunboats, both from Fort William and from the seaplane base here in Oban.
  • May get more information from the newpaper archives, request in.

Oban Times Sat. Feb. 12 1921
Disastrous fire near Oban
Burrows ship repairing yard destroyed

The engineering and shipbuilding yard of Messrs Burrows and Company, situated at Portnacuile, Gallanach, was totally destroyed by fire on Wednesday.

The fire was first observed about two o'clock in the morning by Mrs Paterson, who lives in a house known as The Anchorage, standing about 50 yards from the works.
Mrs Paterson at once informed Mr Allison, farmer, Gallanachmore.

About the same time the attention of Constables Edward MacLellan and John MacBrayne of the Oban Police force was attracted by a red glow in the sky apparently over Glenmore.

They proceeded to make enquiry and on the way informed Sergeant Donald MacKinnon who accompanied them. The three officers proceeded with all speed and subsequent investigation showed that the fire was at Messrs Burrows yard.

Constable MacBrayne procured a bicycle and returned to Oban with a report of the occurance.

The fire made such rapid headway that it was impossible to save any of the buildings within the yard. But the police, with the assistance of Mr Allison, and Mr MacDonald, a joiner in the employment of Messrs, prevented the fire from spreading to a small cottage near the entrance to the yard and an adjoining portable shed where a small yacht belonging to Mr Chinnery Haldane, Onich was stored.

The loss inside the yard includes the destruction of a number of motor boats which were laid up in the launch store for the winter.

During the war the establishment was under government control and a considerable amount of repair work and re-conditioning was carried out on drifters and trawlers on naval service.

AS a result of the fire a number of people will be thrown out of employment.

Oban Times Sat. Feb. 12 1921

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