Breadalbane Street

Breadalbane Place
A.M.Porter, Family Grocer and Wine Merchant

  • Breadalbane Place, Oban (where was Breadalbane Place)
  • receipt dated 14 March 1902
  • for St Columba Church
  • including 2lbs tea, loaf sugar, 10lbs m raisins, 10 doz Oranges, 1 tin Finger Biscuits
  • looks like returned jars earned a refund

Alexander L.Grey, Painter and Decorator

  • Breadalbane Street, Oban
  • from receipt sold on Ebay
  • dated 30 April 1906
  • to Donald McGregor
  • it looks like Boyds Property, High Street
  • total of £19-3 shillings
  • another for work done on May 19th 1910
  • payment receipted on Dec 30th 1910
  • cannot see the detail, possibly Donald MacGregor Esq, something Cottage.

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