Argyll Square

Shops and Buildings

Royal Hotel Buildings
Duncan MacDougall's Ironmonger and Ships Chandlers : Royal Hotel Buildings, Oban,

  • dated 19 May 1902
  • from billhead sold on Ebay
  • feint scan but other information includes Yacht Stores, chains, moorings, buoys, Yacht hire and storage, Sporting ammunition, Guns and gun fittings
  • can not see who the bill is made out to - something trustees.

Argyll Square

J & A.McLucas, Grocers and Bakers

  • Argyll Square Oban
  • dated 15 November 1863,
  • from old bill head for sale on Ebay
  • Receipt to Lorn Combination PoorHouse
  • would be fascinating to know what the items are on the receipt

A.Calderwood The Oban Ironmongery and Cycle Depot

  • Argyll Square
  • Receipt dated 6 November 1903
  • from item for sale on Ebay
  • Receipt to Mr MacGregor
  • see George Street 1895

Questions to ask

  • whereabouts was each shop?
  • how long was each firm in business
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