Ancestral tourism

It is about time Oban and North Argyll caught up with the rest of the world in providing a service to the genealogical and local history community.
Oban War and Peace Musuem do a sterling job within their field of interest, and do provide a great service to visitors of all kinds but Oban is badly served otherwise.

This is not only sad when so many other places give so much to the genealogical community, it is also extremely short sighted economically, as there is a great deal of money spent by those who travel around Scotland looking for historical interests. And this is in the Millions, not small change. It is time we encouraged more of that to be spent in this area, so providing the opportunity to preserve and develop more of our local history.

There are four main areas, which motivate ancestral tourists to visit Scotland
- the desire to find out as much factual information about their ancestors as they can, such as gravestone inscriptions, census records or newspaper archives
- the chance to see where and how their ancestors lived - where they were baptised, educated, married, lived, worked or are buried, can best be experienced by seeing the 'real' place rather than the virtual world of the internet
- the opportunity to connect with other people - visiting long-lost relatives, speaking with locals who may have known their family members or people connected to places of common interest can all encourage a visit and help to fill some gaps in the family story
- the personal desire to connect with their own Scottish identity and the feeling of 'coming home'.

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