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Old Oban History : a collaborative project for all (If Anyone would like to take on Updating and Maintenance of this site please get in touch

The aim of this site

  • To provide somewhere to collect, and share, historical information, and images, about the town of Oban, Argyll on the West coast of Scotland - there is such a wealth of knowledge locally, more distantly, but little put together, especially online, to share.
  • Wikis are a simple way for anyone to add information without technical knowledge.
  • This site is open to anyone to contribute information, just sign up and write away.
  • If you have a local group, organisation, building or other historical topic, please feel free to make your own pages about your special subject, it will get linked in with the rest, as time goes on.
  • It is important that any mistakes made by contributors are corrected by others who know better - join in and help make the information accurate, as well as telling more of the stories of Old Oban, its places and its people.
  • There are lots of great memories out there, as well as images, it will be fun to see this place grow, and show Old Oban's history.
  • The information will be pretty random for some time but will develop a structure and sense to tell the story of Oban and its people**.

The structure so far

  • click on a link to your right, or on the top line, if you know roughly where you are looking for.
  • if you have no idea, try the SEARCH box.
  • if there is no information or page relevant to your interests or question yet, join the sitei if you haven't already, then type the name of your new page in the CREATE NEW PAGE HERE box at the top of the page, and start one yourself. Don't worry about mistakes or wanting to change things later, its all possible.
  • If you have information about a particular place - find the page or create a page for that road, then create a link for the specific address so that your information about a house is on its own page, linked to its correct street.
  • Don't worry if you do not have a clue where the place you have information about is, or if what you are interested in is a topic not a place, just create a page, and over time the connections will be made. The search engine is very good, and it is easy to see all pages

Progress so far

  • if you want to see what information has been added so far check out the List of All Pages
  • If you have visited the site before and want to see whats new, check out the List of Recent Changes.
  • If you are looking for someone, or have information about a family you would like to try and connect with others use our family history queries page. Bear in mind, there isn't an established Local History Group in the area yet, so there is not an immediate set of people to answer your queries. However, there IS a huge amount of knowledge held individually in the area, and you never know who might find the site and start helping with answering questions. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We look forward to your contributions.

And, most importantly, if you have memories, information or images of Old Oban to add

Research request : WEA Inverness is collecting information about the Highland Womens Suffrage Movement - do you have any information to help? see more here

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